Customer and Client experience is our number one priority.  We provide Realtors with a personalized experience through our intuitive process and comprehensive communication; resulting in peace of mind and happy clients!

It is hard for me to give up the "control!" How do I know that everything will get done?

Colorado Transaction Management communicates with our agents throughout the transaction so you always know where your clients are in the process.  We have reliable, consistent systems that are repeated over and over so you know exactly what your clients will experience working with us.  We represent you and know it's important to maintain the highest level of service in a timely fashion.  After one or two times through a contract, our Agents feel confident in our process and reap the benefits of being able to "let go"!

How many transactions can you handle per month?

Our transaction managers have streamlined processes allowing them to effectively manage 20 plus deals per month.  We firmly believe in the level of service we provide our agents and their clients and do not jeopardize that for quantity.  We have the capacity to handle your workload!

Do I still have to pay the fee if the transaction doesn't close?

No.  Our fee is collected and paid at closing.  If you don't get paid, we don't get paid!

What happens if my transaction manager goes on vacation?

No worries!  Everyone deserves a vacation and we have a team to cover so you never experience a lack of support.

Can I customize my services?

Of course!  We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor the services we offer to meet them.

What do I need to do to start a transaction?

You can simply forward us a copy of the executed contract and any additional information you have for your clients.

How do I get started with Colorado Transaction Management?

We will send you an information sheet to complete that will allow us to customize our communications with your clients and have the necessary information to serve you to best of our ability.